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About Us

We, Arjunka International, are a persistent, dedicated and reliable wholesaler/distributor of a wide range of packaging material operating under the guidance of Satna Roadways Pvt. Ltd. Portfolio of our offerings contains PVC Shrink Film, Heat Shrink Film, Two Speeds Heat Gun, Packaging Machinery and a lot more. The reason behind maintaining foretold variety is that we want to be a firm which is one-stop-shop of the customers. We endeavour in this market with pride because we have never disappointed our customers, and we remain confident to work with the same excellence and brilliance. The competition of this industry has never been relevant for us, because we have always worked in a manner which kept us distinct from the customers. This behaviour of our company leads us towards taking leaps over the competition and, our customers support our designation. We valiantly speak of our ability to serve the demands of customers because no matter what quantity they require from us, we suffice it without compromising with quality.

Brilliantly Managing our Supply Chain

We are a firm which manages each one of its work with utmost brilliance. But, our supply chain management requires a littler higher attention as compared to that of other areas of work because on it depends the truthfulness of commitment we make regarding punctual delivery. The tasks of procurement are done in a close relation with the works of logistics and warehousing facility because after we receive our offerings, then only we are able to initiate the respective works. Experts who manages supply chain, makes sure that perfection is maintained in our works and safety is of our offerings is never compromised.

Why Choose to Deal With us?

We feel privileged to do business with our customers and portray to them that what value they hold in our heart and minds. We maintain a number of attribute which from one end to another, makes us worthy of customers hard earned money and precious time. Below we enlist those parameters on the basis of which we assure that if customers prioritize us they will never feel disappointed:-

  • The variety we maintain helps us suffice different requirements of customers.
  • We remain capable to fulfill bulk demands.
  • Our offerings are priced at rates which are relatively better as compared to that of competitions.

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